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2 responses to “We are Filmmakers”

  1. Cody says:

    Hey John, that was a great post! There are so many factors to filmmaking that it takes years to master (do we ever really master it though?). I’m glad you have pointed out the distinction between videography (fly on the wall approach) and filmmaking (getting involved with the couple).

    With DSLR’s becoming so prevalent in wedding videos it’s now even more difficult for the couples to tell who a “filmmaker” is vs. a “videographer”. Pretty images aren’t everything…

    • northernlight says:

      Thanks Cody. I think the heart of any film that is produced, story has to be a big part of that production. I had a conversation last night at dinner with JJ Kim and we talked about this in depth. Imagery is very important but story is a huge part of being a filmmaker and this is what seperates you from the pack.

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