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Northernlight Filmworks Award

Northernlight Filmworks was recently awarded one of the Top 25 Hottest most Influential Studios in the world awarded by Event DV Magazine. We were very honored that our peers thought highly enough of us to recommend us for this award.

Every January we sit down and reflect on the previous year. The typical examination of where we can improve, what we can offer to provide even greater value or ways to make our studio and our work stand out as unique. One thing we realize is that our couples are some of the best. For us, it’s all about creating a great connection between our couples, which in turn foster an environment that allows us the greatest access to their wedding day.

It has been another great year for us. Jennifer co-founded an organization with Reagan Zugelter of Studio Z Films called POSH. POSH was created to provide women Filmmakers an outlet to discuss challenges they face in a male dominated industry and to provide training in many different areas of filmmaking. Northernlight Filmworks continued their professional relationship with In[Focus], which is another organization that helps educate other Filmmakers around the world. Northernlight Filmworks helped create content for their blog. In[Focus] had their national workshop in New Orleans this year, which John spoke about Branding with Steve Zugelter of Studio Z Films.

We look forward to 2011 and the fun and inspiring couples we get to work with. John has been working on some fashion related commercial productions, which will be branded under our sister company called Story House Media. We will be shooting a music video for artist Amy Stroup in Nashville, TN in April.

Every year, we challenge ourselves to continue to raise the production value, whether that is specialized training in Filmmaking or the investment in production tools. We continue to push the limits so that our work will evolve and remain current.

We enjoyed seeing many different places last year and many more this year.

Posted on March 27th, 2011 in Northernlight Filmworks
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  1. Brock says:

    Congrats again and I am so excited to be learning all things film from you two!

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