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{Lifestyle} Topsail Island

This is a short little film from our family vacation at Topsail Island in North Carolina. This is one of our favorite spots to relax and unwind. We have been coming to this location for years. We stay at the same house and do just about the same thing every time. Crank up some Jack Johnson or Colbie Caillat, soak up the sun, dig your toes in the sand, read a book and get a little surfing in. We have some rules: (1) No watches, (2) Refrain from referring to time, (3) Get up when you want to get up, (4) Go to bed when you want to go to bed, (5) It’s ok to do nothing at all.

It really is amazing if you just ignore time, your vacation will seem to last so much longer. It’s kind of a way to savor your time off. We love watching the kids just chill out and unwind as well. Vacations like this allow your mind to slow down. It’s a great opportunity to do some reflecting and soul searching. Even a short walk down the beach infuses so much energy into your body and soul. There is something about the beach and all the sights and sounds that go along with the beach life to keep people coming back. We are not a big fan of commercialized areas. We find commercialized areas to be distracting and sometimes defeat the purpose of taking a vacation.

We would love to film a wedding in the Outerbanks area. There are some many romantic areas along the coast of North Carolina.

I took our Canon Super 8 film camera to capture little moments in time that we spent together.

Never underestimate the power of a vacation.

Posted on May 16th, 2011 in LIfeStyle
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  1. This makes me happy, plain and simple.

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