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Boundary Waters (BWCA) – Gunflint Trail

BWCA from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

This was a trip John took last year. The Boundary Waters has always been a special place for he and his brother Steve. They first went to the BWCA back in 1978 for a 2 week vacation with their Mom and Dad. They stayed at Chik Wauk Lodge, which is now the areas local historical museum.

They have had many return trips to the Gunflint Trail. This is a spiritual place. A place that allows your mind to settle into a reflective routine. It is refreshing.

This particular trip was quite challenging. Day 1 they traveled over 22 miles by canoe on water and there were over 15 different portages. The second day was about 7 miles on water but one long portage nearly a half mile long with some challenging descents. Day 2 we finally reached Grandpa Lake and since this was in May, we were the first team in from the season prior. Which also meant that we had to deal with fall down from the trees that fell over the winter. Grandpa Lake is remote and because of the difficulty getting there, your chances of seeing another human are less likely, especially this time of year.


Boundary Waters

Posted on February 15th, 2014 in LIfeStyle
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