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Danielle and Tim – Ranch Wedding

Northernlight Filmworks filmed a wedding for Danielle and Tim at a beautiful private ranch in Illinois. We learned from the couple that this ranch wedding would have special meaning for Danielle as she was the Nanny for the family for several years. We always love listening to stories of how our couples met and Tim and Danielle have a pretty cool story. One amazing thing is the number 1011. You will have to watch the film to learn why this number is special to Danielle and Tim.

This was a beautiful wedding all the way around. Congrats Danielle and Tim!

Wedding Dress

Posted on March 24th, 2017 in Northernlight Filmworks, Wedding Videography
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  1. John & Becky Feltner says:

    Tim I have watched you grow from a skinny little kid. to a wonder young man as I did my son. I am so proud of you that you found your life mate in Danielle. your parents did an awesome job of raisin you and taught you respect for others and to work hard in what ever you do. I hope you and your beautiful new bride the best of luck in your journey in life together. I pray that god will bless you both like he has done your parents and me and my wife Becky. beautiful wedding kids

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