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Fifteen Years of Marriage | John + Jennifer

Today we are celebrating fifteen years of marriage.  How can it be? Fifteen years already? We thought it would be fun to reminisce and reflect on what each of us has learned in fifteen years of marriage.


January 25, 2003

1. What has been the easiest part about our marriage?
{Jen} The easiest part about being married to John has to be his unconditional support. He is always there to support my goals and dreams and is there to push me to make it happen. I would not be who or where I am without his love and support. Oh and he is ALWAYS ready for an adventure!!!

{John} the easy part is finding common interests. (travel, lake, mountains)

2. What has been the hardest part about our marriage?
{Jen} The hardest part for me was blending our family. It not only was a big adjustment for everyone, but it was at times a strain on the marriage. I can remember praying daily that my step-daughters would one day like me, and realize that I love and care for them just as my own.

{John} The hardest part was working through being a blended family.

3. What is your favorite memory in the past 15 years?
{Jen} This is a hard one because there have been so many great memories. I can’t just pick one!!! I would have to say my favorite memories are all the trips we have taken as a family and as a couple. I love that we travel and have experienced many trip from Minnesota to Florida, NYC to Las Vegas and so many in between.

My most memorable family trip would have to be the Thanksgiving weekend we went to NJ and visited Philadelphia and NYC…visiting with family, seeing historical sites we were excited about and our kids not so much, Bria breaking her tooth, walking across the Brooklyn bridge because we missed our subway stop and ended up in Brooklyn, coming out of the subway in Time Square and it being so crowded and constantly counting our kids so we didn’t lose any, getting a parking ticket for parking in a no parking zone (thankful our car was still there) and getting lost trying to get back to Mary & Don’s.  I would have to say my favorite trips with just the two of us would be our 2 big trips in 2016 with our camper van trip to Colorado then taking 2 full weeks touring the National Parks in Arizona & Utah camping. The best part…very limited cell service and it being just the two of us in the wilderness.

{John} My favorite but bitter sweet memory was how you were with Mom and Dad during their final days when I could not be there. Of course our southwest trip is right up there.

4. Where do you see our life in the next 5, 10 & 15 years?
{Jen} In the next 5 years I see us continuing to spend as much free time at the lake as possible. I can see us moving from our current home and traveling more.  We will see more if not all our children marry in the next 5 years and more grand babies. In 10 years, I think we will finally make a trip to Europe (if not sooner) and enjoying time at the lake and with our kids and grandchildren.  In 15 years I can see us retired, but not fully retired.  I think we will continue working in something we love but not full time.  I think our home base will be Indiana where our family is (if they are all still living here) and spend a lot of time traveling around in our RV ;) 

{John} Years to come. to continue to grow as a couple, keep learning exploring interests, time with grandchildren, travel and more lake time.

5. What do you hope we have shown our kids about marriage?
{Jen} It is my prayer that our kids have learned a lot from our marriage. Marriage is a choice you have to make every day. It is hard and should not be taken lightly. That loving your spouse can mean you don’t like them sometimes but you don’t give up!!! Marriage is not 50/50 you need to give 100% all the time. Loving someone sometimes means you need to step up and give more of yourself. To never leave the house, hangup the phone or go to bed without saying I love you! Looking across the room at your spouse, making eye contact and winking at them can say more that you know. Putting their spouses needs before your own. When life gets busy, make time for each other.

{John} I would like our children to realize that patience usually wins out. spęnd time with each other. make moments memorable.

6. What have you learn from being married to (John/Jen)
1. Laughter is the best medicine and he can always make me laugh.
2. There is no room for negativity, look at the positives in every situation.
3. My Husband is the most patient, level headed, and sound person I know.
4. Everyone loves John Moon!!!
5. Try new things to help you grow as a person and a couple.
6. Going with the flow can lead you on a fun and unexpected adventure
7. My Husband still looks at me and makes me melt.

1. Adventures with each other is important
2. Hold hands
3. Respect and show interest in each other’s interests
4. My Wife is an awesome cook
5. PDA–who cares
6. Humor is important
7. My Wife is beautiful inside and out

Here is the video our friend Ben Poenisch did for our 10 year anniversary.  

Here is to another 15 years!!!

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