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Northernlight Filmworks is an international wedding photography and film company based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our photographs and stylized, custom wedding films do more than just chronicle the day – they capture the spirit and love that make your wedding day unique. With each wedding we shoot, we get to know the story behind the couple and tell that story in a rich and captivating way.

We capture the moments you’ll want to relive forever.

It’s your story – we just help you tell it.


We chose Northernlight Filmworks as our name after John traveled to Alaska for the Iditarod in 1998. While there, he had an opportunity to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). The ribbons of color as the lights moved across the sky were breathtaking – each pass different than the one before – and it was like God was painting his canvas sky, creating a raw and unique, ever-evolving work of art.

That is the origin of Northernlight Filmworks. Just like the Northern Lights, we want our work to always be evolving, to engage the eye and capture the spirit and emotion of the moment.

To tell a story that’s both beautiful and inspiring.

Let us tell your story for you.


Jennifer has a passion for films and enjoys romantic comedies, which translates into the romantic films she shoots and edits. Though she doesn’t teach anymore, her degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University helps her keep Northernlight Filmworks organized and running smoothly. She loves meeting with clients and learning about their story.

In addition to running Northernlight Filmworks, she is the founder of The POSH Retreat, an educational conference for female filmmakers and photographers. When not filming weddings, she loves spending time with family and friends, boating at the lake, traveling to new destinations, cooking, and knitting.

– Travel to Europe
– Take a road trip with an RV across the country
– Go to Australia & New Zealand
– Have a home in Colorado
– Learn how to Sail


John has had a camera in his hand since he was young, and started out shooting on a Polaroid camera. In addition to being a wedding filmmaker, John is also a lifestyle, fashion and landscape photographer, and has produced a number of commercial projects, ranging from music videos and short documentaries to instructional and promotional videos.

Whether at the lake in the mountains or on the beach, John enjoys the adventure that life presents and the experiences that define moments. He’s an avid observer of life and a student of human nature.

– Complete a photo essay / still life documentary.
– Skydive (done!)
– Travel to Cuba
– Find my 1st grade teacher and thank her.
– Produce that short film I have in my head.