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Everglades National Park

This is a personal edit for a trip my brother Steve and I took. We went there to do some still photography for a horse rescue called Horse Rescue of South Florida. Our guide Cynthia actually has an incredible love and spirit for saving horses. She was quite a fun guide but we kept her in check. She caught on quickly to our sense of humor and to keep one eye forward and one eye on us. Would love to go back, it was a great experience.

There are so many things to see in this beautiful country and the Everglades National Park is certainly one of those destinations. There was something spiritual about being out there on the water. We made camp on a small island and just sat and talked and drank and talked. I intentionally set my alarm and different times during the night to get a look at the stars. By 2am, the sky was filled with stars and the moon was very bright. Catching the Milky Way out there was amazing. It was 2 in the morning but it was like being a kid again just looking up and realizing how amazing God must be to create all of what we can see. So put it on your list of things to see and remember, I told you so.


Everglades National Park

Music licensed through The Music Bed

Artist: Jesiah
Song: Summer Breeze

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Boundary Waters (BWCA) – Gunflint Trail

BWCA from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

This was a trip John took last year. The Boundary Waters has always been a special place for he and his brother Steve. They first went to the BWCA back in 1978 for a 2 week vacation with their Mom and Dad. They stayed at Chik Wauk Lodge, which is now the areas local historical museum.

They have had many return trips to the Gunflint Trail. This is a spiritual place. A place that allows your mind to settle into a reflective routine. It is refreshing.

This particular trip was quite challenging. Day 1 they traveled over 22 miles by canoe on water and there were over 15 different portages. The second day was about 7 miles on water but one long portage nearly a half mile long with some challenging descents. Day 2 we finally reached Grandpa Lake and since this was in May, we were the first team in from the season prior. Which also meant that we had to deal with fall down from the trees that fell over the winter. Grandpa Lake is remote and because of the difficulty getting there, your chances of seeing another human are less likely, especially this time of year.


Boundary Waters

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{Lifestyle} Topsail Island

This is a short little film from our family vacation at Topsail Island in North Carolina. This is one of our favorite spots to relax and unwind. We have been coming to this location for years. We stay at the same house and do just about the same thing every time. Crank up some Jack Johnson or Colbie Caillat, soak up the sun, dig your toes in the sand, read a book and get a little surfing in. We have some rules: (1) No watches, (2) Refrain from referring to time, (3) Get up when you want to get up, (4) Go to bed when you want to go to bed, (5) It’s ok to do nothing at all.

It really is amazing if you just ignore time, your vacation will seem to last so much longer. It’s kind of a way to savor your time off. We love watching the kids just chill out and unwind as well. Vacations like this allow your mind to slow down. It’s a great opportunity to do some reflecting and soul searching. Even a short walk down the beach infuses so much energy into your body and soul. There is something about the beach and all the sights and sounds that go along with the beach life to keep people coming back. We are not a big fan of commercialized areas. We find commercialized areas to be distracting and sometimes defeat the purpose of taking a vacation.

We would love to film a wedding in the Outerbanks area. There are some many romantic areas along the coast of North Carolina.

I took our Canon Super 8 film camera to capture little moments in time that we spent together.

Never underestimate the power of a vacation.

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{Lifestyle} Art Noveau

I love it when I run across something that inspires me. These are images of art created by Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). He was a Czech painter. There is something about the colors and the detail of some of the design that stand out. Heavy influence by theatrical design. Many of these designs are old advertisements for plays in and around Paris.

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{LifeStyle} – Puckett’s Grocery

On one of our trips to Nashville Tennessee, we went to a little town called Leipers Fork. One of those towns that if you blink, you just might miss it. But don’t blink, you don’t want to miss this little town. We were scouting locations for a music video and Puckett’s Grocery was one of the places we checked out. Apparently this place is on the radar for celebrities who make it a point to grab a burger here. On the day of the music video shoot, we took a lunch break and I had to try one of their hamburgers. No kidding….the best hamburger I have ever had. There is only one other place that comes close and that is up in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. Puckett’s is a cool little place. Grab a bite to eat, get some groceries and listen to some live music. Yep, they have a small quaint little stage up front. If you get a chance, go to Puckett’s and grab a burger, you can thank me later :) – John

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{lifestyle} – Imogene + Willie

This is one of our first LifeStyle posts. We wanted to sprinkle our blog with a little of the things we run across that we think you might be interested in. It could be anything from craft beer, fashion, music or cool little places off the beaten path that we might discover.

We were recently in Nashville, TN on a location scouting trip in preparation of a music video we are producing for Nashville recording artist Amy Stroup. We will fill you in more on Amy but in the meantime, get acquainted with her music on iTunes The Other Side of Love Session Three - Amy Stroup

We drove to Imogene and Willie’s, which is housed in an old gas station or as they used to call them back in the day, a “filling station”. We walked into the location and immediately, it felt warm and inviting. There was a hint of leather and fabric that permeated the air. There was a worn yet inviting leather couch and a yellow lab laying on the floor. What’s cool about this place is that all the clothing is custom hand made. I found a pair of leather boots that are on my radar. Walking into this store reminds me of one of the things that made America great….Blue-jeans! Around the ceiling are hundreds of patterns and sizes. One side of the store is dedicated to the seamstresses who make the clothing. Out back is a small courtyard where during the warm months they host musicians, which can only enhance the ambience of this place.

If you are in the Nashville, TN area, Imogene and Willie’s should be on your list of places to visit.

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