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Brendan & Ali :: Indianapolis Wedding

Brendan and Ali had a beautiful downtown Indianapolis wedding. We met Ali several years ago when we filmed her best friend and Maid of honor Betsy’s wedding. We were absolutely thrilled when Ali contacted us to film her wedding. We absolutely love both Brendan and Ali’s families and friends and they made the day even more special. It was so fun seeing Ali’s dad dancing and singing along to the radio while Ali was getting her hair done. The special moment when he saw her in her dress for the first time. Seeing how close Brendan and his mother are. I loved seeing how emotional Brendan got as Ali started walking down the isle. People always as our opinion about whether or not they should do a first look or not. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. For this particular wedding, I am so glad they waited to see each other.

After the ceremony it was time to party and boy was it a party!!! The first fun event was when Brendan and Ali were lead into the reception by The “Indianapolis 500” Gordon Pipers, which is a tradition for Brendan’s family to have bagpipers at their weddings. After all the formal heart felt speeches and formal dances everyone was on the dance floor. And an surprise from Ali’s dad was having the Indiana University Alumni Marching Band come in and play a few IU tunes. (HINT: Just when you think the movie is over, let it play).

Thank you Brendan and Ali, and both of your families for allowing us to capture and document you amazing wedding day.

We worked with a fabulous wedding team:
Getting Ready ~ JW Marriott
Church ~ North United Methodist Church
Reception ~ Scottish Rite Cathedral
Wedding Coordinater ~ Jessica Stoughton-Leslie Jones Weddings
Photographer ~ Angel Canary
Hair Stylist ~ Makenzie Paschal
Makeup Artist ~ Annette Smith
Floral Design ~ Graceful Hands
Cake Designer ~ Classic Cakes
Bagpipes Band ~ The “Indianapolis 500” Gordon Pipers
Band ~ Groove Essential
Lighting ~ Evans Audio Visual

Northernlight Filmworks

Lauren & Michael – West Baden Springs Hotel

This is a short Trailer to the Wedding Movie for Lauren and Michael. The back drop of this beautiful wedding was in French Lick, Indiana on the beautiful grounds of the West Baden Springs Hotel. The centerpiece of this incredible hotel is the massive dome. You can only really appreciate the beauty and grandness by personally visiting. The hotel has quite a history and you can read about that here: WEST BADEN HOTEL HISTORY

Every detail of this wedding came together so nicely. Lauren’s dress was to die for and she wore it very well. She is such a classic beauty. We spent a little time with Lauren and Michael and it is so refreshing to experience authentic deep rooted love.

It was a pleasure to work with so many familiar faces and the chemistry of the team and the vision of the couple fulfilled this wedding dream.

And so it was…

Wedding and Event Planner MON AMIE EVENTS :: MONICA RICHARD
Invitations & Branding POMP AND POLISH :: NIKKI PULFER
Event Artist STUDIO VON
**Soundtrack licensed through The Music Bed. Song “Open Arms” – Tony Anderson

French Lick Weddings

West Baden Springs Hotel

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Indy Collective – Bridal Hair Tips – JW Salon

This is a first in a series of informational videos from a group of highly skilled and experienced wedding professionals called the Indy Collective. This first video is from Jessica Warrix of JW Salon. Our experience with JW Salon is that they are not only talented and knowledgeable but they are very efficient working on the day of the wedding, which keeps stress levels down and on time schedules.

JW Salon

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Top Wedding Day Regret

Wedding day regrets

This is the time of year for our team at Northernlight Filmworks where we are busy finishing the last of our edits and spending time meeting with potential clients. At the end of every wedding season, we reflect on the places we traveled and the incredible couples and their families that we get to meet. We often hear from our clients that they cannot imagine not having video and although it is an investment, it is in fact something that increases in sentimental value as time goes by.

We are always respectful that couples have budgets and we never try to hard sell anyone on hiring us for video because we want them to invest in something that means something to them and they understand the value. We can’t stress enough that when you have your priorities set, it’s much easier to stay focused on maintaining a realistic budget.

The purpose of this post is to help you pinpoint what you want and to stay committed to that. It is all about fulfilling YOUR vision of what this day should be like, not someone else’s vision. We recently met with a potential bride who didn’t want video, until she happened to see one of our edits of one of her friends wedding. Often times, whether it is video, cake, photography, etc, it is important to compare apples to apples. There is poor work or services in any wedding professional you might hire. Regrets are a hard thing to predict and often the only way to try to eliminate or alleviate regrets is to listen to advice from others. We could say to always hire video but we would rather you sit down and answer honestly what matters most to you on the wedding day and then ask yourself; What will matter most after the wedding day? The second question might be a little harder to answer.

An article appeared in the Huffington Post that addresses this question. The article talks about the top 2 regrets. The second regret was not hiring a Wedding Planner and the top regret was not hiring video. Again, it is all about priorities and having a firm grip on knowing what you want. You can read the full text of this article here: Wedding Regrets

Some might wonder why good solid wedding cinema or photography is expensive. Any company that you entrust to capture imagery on your wedding day must have the experience and knowledge. We spend thousands of hours learning and refining our craft. We reinvest in our equipment and attend workshops and schools ranging anywhere from lighting, audio, editing, study of film theory, etc.

Another great article by the Huffington Post expands a bit on regrets to include:
1. Spending too much time walking the room.
2. Letting The Stress take over.
3. Too much booze.
4. Not speaking up.
5. Not eating.
You can read the full article here at The Huffington Post.

Aerial Cinematography

CoxHall Gardens-Aerial Cinematography from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our body of work and the end product for our couples. We have added aerial cinematography to our tool list. Aerial cinematography provides a very polished cinematic look.

Flying a Phantom Quadcopter, we have the ability to get an eye in the sky and perform some cool perspective shots.

We will not be flying this on every wedding but the option is there and is contingent upon:
1. Weather conditions. (No flying in the rain or snow)
2. Wind conditions.
3. Will the aerial footage add to the story by creating a sense of place.
4. Any environmental factors that increase the risk of the flight.

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The Simple Plan


As a “creative” business owner it is not only important to attend workshops and conference to harness and expand your creativity, but it is equally important to attend workshops to help you grow as a business person. Creatives don’t always like the business side of the job, but it can’t be ignored. You could be the best at your craft but if you don’t know how to run your business, you probably won’t be very profitable. One of my favorite blogs is Sage Wedding Pros. I visit their blog often and it is a great resource for wedding professionals to get great advice and tips on running the business side.

I (Jen) am super excited to be attending The Simple Plan workshop this week in Denver, Colorado. I met Michelle Loretta, one of the founders of Sage Wedding Pro a few years ago at The POSH Retreat when she came to speak. She touched on part of the Simple Plan and I am more than ecstatic to dive head first into business planning. John and I have been talking about some exciting changes for Northernlight Filmworks and I think attending The Simple Plan will help us to put a great business plan in place and make more concrete decisions into making our hopes and dreams a reality. John posted on his Facebook page just Saturday “If you want something bad enough you gotta be willing to get up, dust yourself off, step outside of your comfort zone and make shit happen”. This is so true. There have been many times I have been scared to go after something I had dreamed of and it is always John to give me that little push. So stay tuned in the next few months as we get ready to reveal our exciting news for Northernlight Filmworks.

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Scott {and} Kristin ~ Wedding Movie

Scott {and} Kristin ~ Wedding Movie from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

The one thing about filming weddings that we enjoy is seeing how it all comes together. It’s like one big master plan that is pieced together. The Bride’s vision is often times something that begins to take shape, sometimes a good period of time before the wedding. Kristin knew the look and the feel she was going for because we talked about this during our first meeting. It’s fun seeing that all unfold in real time. Awesome couple, beautiful wedding and such an incredible wedding dress. One thing we remember about this wedding was when the wedding party jumped on stage to take part in an old Journey song. Enjoy :)

Venues {and} Vendors

JW Marriott ~ Preps
St. John’s Catholic Church ~ Ceremony
Scottish Rite Cathedral ~ Reception
April Foster Events ~ Event Planner
Amada Wilcher ~ Photography
Eyemax ~ Hair & Makeup
JP Parker ~ Florist
Rascia’s Creative Cakes ~ Cake
David of Platinum Productions ~ DJ
Flying Toasters ~ Band
Wow Factors ~ Lighting

Indianapolis Wedding Videography

Photo Credit: Amanda Wilcher

Wedding Planning – iPhone iPad Apps

It seems as though there is an iPhone or iPad app for everything. I remember sitting at a very long red light and thought, “wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that let you change the light from red to green?” If only. There are so many applications that we use as tools that help keep us organized and also technical tools that help us do our job better. As you embark on planning your wedding, these are some applications that might come in handy. Whether apps to use during the planning and design phase to the wedding day itself.

(1) To-Do Queue
Lists help keep you on task and actually help you visually see progress, which also aides in reducing stress. There is nothing like the feeling of crossing something off your list. To-Do Queue lets you set priority and due dates. $4.99

(2) Numbers
This is a great spreadsheet application and is great to use with the iPad. A great way to organize your wedding from the expense side of things to keeping track of your guest list. $19.99

(3) MyPantone
This is a great tool to help you create color palettes and work through color schemes for your wedding. All at your fingertips. $9.99

(4) Pinterest
CAUTION Addicting! Set up your own boards within Pinterest and view images that give you ideas or inspiration for your own wedding. Whatever catches your eye from designs, colors to wedding invitations, it’s all here. Set a time limit for yourself because it is very easy to get drawn in to a never ending process of discovery. FREE

(5) The Weather Channel
This one is great to have to keep an eye on the weather for your engagement photos and for the wedding day. Not that you can do anything about the weather, it’s just good to be able to plan around it. Although we filmed a wedding during a downpour, it wasn’t too good for the guests but it was a romantic backdrop for the couple standing in the rain saying their vows. FREE

(6) Wedding Scan
This is a cool little app that allows you to register for any item at any store. $2.99

(7) The Knot Wedding Dress Look Book
This is a great little app from The Knot that helps you narrow down the style of dress you are going for. A great visual tool. FREE

(8) Tripit
A great website to go and plan your Honeymoon is through Kayak but a great little app to keep your travel schedule organized is Tripit. FREE

(9) Day One
If you have ever wanted to start a journal, this app makes it easy to get started. It has a very clean and well organized layout. Start your journal and write in it daily as you plan your wedding and even through your honeymoon and beyond. Life is more about memories than anything else. $4.99

(10) Evernote
This is one app that has a lot of everything all in one place. From keeping track of websites, photos, notes and to do lists, this is one cool app. FREE

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Jason {and} Emily ~ Love Story

This is the love story of Jason and Emily. They shared this video at their rehearsal dinner this past weekend. We absolutely love doing these, not only because we get to create a great video, but it gives us a change to really get to know our couples before the wedding. Their wedding on Saturday was so wonderful and we are very excited to get their trailer up in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned…their love story continues.

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Justin {and} Jamie

Justin and Jamie’s wedding day was one that we will remember for a very long time. It was such a beautiful sunny warm fall day, however it was windy as all get out. Even her dad said in his prayer at dinner that although they prayed for no rain they should have also prayed for less wind. It turned out to be a wonderful wedding despite the wind. There were so many vintage details to their day and the Kelley Agricultural Historical Museum was the perfect setting. It was a pleasure working with Meredith of Meredith Rogers Photography and James of Lakeside Entertainment.

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