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Personalize your Wedding Day – {The Vows}


Each wedding that we film, we approach it by looking for the unique textures, small and large that make up the personality of the wedding.  We have filmed a growing number of weddings where the Bride and Groom have written their own vows.  On one occasion they both wrote them on the morning of their wedding day.   From a storytelling perspective, we love this.  We had one couple write their own vows and they never shared what each had written until they read them to each other  in front of a captive audience.  It was amazing how certain aspects of the vows mirrored each other.   We like personalized vows because it takes the expectation away from your guests.  Many of your guests have attended weddings where the traditional vows were exchanged, but once they hear a deviation from the norm, they seem to be more attentive.  Writing your own vows is certainly not for everyone  but it is well worth considering and adds another layer of a personal memorable touch.

Writing Your Vows Tips by Style Me Pretty
1. When it comes to writing your vows, keep it simple. Your guests and your partner will appreciate it that much more.

2. Some churches do not allow for custom vows. Make sure to check with your officiant before you get your heart set.

3. A great way to include your own vows without the stress of starting from scratch, is to personalize the more traditional vows. A handwritten letter to your partner, read aloud, is a great way to do this.

4. Make sure you are comfortable with the tone of your vows. If joking around is a part of your everyday life, it will feel seamless tucked inside your vows. If you are more subdued, skip the jokes and just say what you feel.

5. If you get stuck when coming up with what you want to say, look to old stories, photographs and memories with your partner. Allow the words to come from those moments.
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Posted on May 2nd, 2010 in Wedding Planning - Tips
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