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Wedding Planning – iPhone iPad Apps

It seems as though there is an iPhone or iPad app for everything. I remember sitting at a very long red light and thought, “wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that let you change the light from red to green?” If only. There are so many applications that we use as tools that help keep us organized and also technical tools that help us do our job better. As you embark on planning your wedding, these are some applications that might come in handy. Whether apps to use during the planning and design phase to the wedding day itself.

(1) To-Do Queue
Lists help keep you on task and actually help you visually see progress, which also aides in reducing stress. There is nothing like the feeling of crossing something off your list. To-Do Queue lets you set priority and due dates. $4.99

(2) Numbers
This is a great spreadsheet application and is great to use with the iPad. A great way to organize your wedding from the expense side of things to keeping track of your guest list. $19.99

(3) MyPantone
This is a great tool to help you create color palettes and work through color schemes for your wedding. All at your fingertips. $9.99

(4) Pinterest
CAUTION Addicting! Set up your own boards within Pinterest and view images that give you ideas or inspiration for your own wedding. Whatever catches your eye from designs, colors to wedding invitations, it’s all here. Set a time limit for yourself because it is very easy to get drawn in to a never ending process of discovery. FREE

(5) The Weather Channel
This one is great to have to keep an eye on the weather for your engagement photos and for the wedding day. Not that you can do anything about the weather, it’s just good to be able to plan around it. Although we filmed a wedding during a downpour, it wasn’t too good for the guests but it was a romantic backdrop for the couple standing in the rain saying their vows. FREE

(6) Wedding Scan
This is a cool little app that allows you to register for any item at any store. $2.99

(7) The Knot Wedding Dress Look Book
This is a great little app from The Knot that helps you narrow down the style of dress you are going for. A great visual tool. FREE

(8) Tripit
A great website to go and plan your Honeymoon is through Kayak but a great little app to keep your travel schedule organized is Tripit. FREE

(9) Day One
If you have ever wanted to start a journal, this app makes it easy to get started. It has a very clean and well organized layout. Start your journal and write in it daily as you plan your wedding and even through your honeymoon and beyond. Life is more about memories than anything else. $4.99

(10) Evernote
This is one app that has a lot of everything all in one place. From keeping track of websites, photos, notes and to do lists, this is one cool app. FREE

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