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The Simple Plan


As a “creative” business owner it is not only important to attend workshops and conference to harness and expand your creativity, but it is equally important to attend workshops to help you grow as a business person. Creatives don’t always like the business side of the job, but it can’t be ignored. You could be the best at your craft but if you don’t know how to run your business, you probably won’t be very profitable. One of my favorite blogs is Sage Wedding Pros. I visit their blog often and it is a great resource for wedding professionals to get great advice and tips on running the business side.

I (Jen) am super excited to be attending The Simple Plan workshop this week in Denver, Colorado. I met Michelle Loretta, one of the founders of Sage Wedding Pro a few years ago at The POSH Retreat when she came to speak. She touched on part of the Simple Plan and I am more than ecstatic to dive head first into business planning. John and I have been talking about some exciting changes for Northernlight Filmworks and I think attending The Simple Plan will help us to put a great business plan in place and make more concrete decisions into making our hopes and dreams a reality. John posted on his Facebook page just Saturday “If you want something bad enough you gotta be willing to get up, dust yourself off, step outside of your comfort zone and make shit happen”. This is so true. There have been many times I have been scared to go after something I had dreamed of and it is always John to give me that little push. So stay tuned in the next few months as we get ready to reveal our exciting news for Northernlight Filmworks.

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