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Top Wedding Day Regret

Wedding day regrets

This is the time of year for our team at Northernlight Filmworks where we are busy finishing the last of our edits and spending time meeting with potential clients. At the end of every wedding season, we reflect on the places we traveled and the incredible couples and their families that we get to meet. We often hear from our clients that they cannot imagine not having video and although it is an investment, it is in fact something that increases in sentimental value as time goes by.

We are always respectful that couples have budgets and we never try to hard sell anyone on hiring us for video because we want them to invest in something that means something to them and they understand the value. We can’t stress enough that when you have your priorities set, it’s much easier to stay focused on maintaining a realistic budget.

The purpose of this post is to help you pinpoint what you want and to stay committed to that. It is all about fulfilling YOUR vision of what this day should be like, not someone else’s vision. We recently met with a potential bride who didn’t want video, until she happened to see one of our edits of one of her friends wedding. Often times, whether it is video, cake, photography, etc, it is important to compare apples to apples. There is poor work or services in any wedding professional you might hire. Regrets are a hard thing to predict and often the only way to try to eliminate or alleviate regrets is to listen to advice from others. We could say to always hire video but we would rather you sit down and answer honestly what matters most to you on the wedding day and then ask yourself; What will matter most after the wedding day? The second question might be a little harder to answer.

An article appeared in the Huffington Post that addresses this question. The article talks about the top 2 regrets. The second regret was not hiring a Wedding Planner and the top regret was not hiring video. Again, it is all about priorities and having a firm grip on knowing what you want. You can read the full text of this article here: Wedding Regrets

Some might wonder why good solid wedding cinema or photography is expensive. Any company that you entrust to capture imagery on your wedding day must have the experience and knowledge. We spend thousands of hours learning and refining our craft. We reinvest in our equipment and attend workshops and schools ranging anywhere from lighting, audio, editing, study of film theory, etc.

Another great article by the Huffington Post expands a bit on regrets to include:
1. Spending too much time walking the room.
2. Letting The Stress take over.
3. Too much booze.
4. Not speaking up.
5. Not eating.
You can read the full article here at The Huffington Post.

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